Welcome to M.Y. MINI-STORAGE

Rules and Regulations


- No food in any form !
- Rent is due and payable on your contract date each month.
$10.00 late charge for payments received after 7 days late.
$20.00 late charge for payments received after 10 days late.
- No statements are mailed - unless written request is arranged at contract time.
- Vacating requires 10 days notice before your next payment, otherwise you will be charged for the following month's rent.
- On date of vacating - please notify the mini-storage office when you're moved out.  A cleaning fee will be charged to the renter for any remaining debris or for any additional cleaning required.
- Only one lock is to be placed on the locking device of your storage unit.  The second lock hole is for security manger's use.  Any second locks will be removed at renters cost and taken off security deposit.
Vehicles must be parked so as not to block driveways while renter is using unit.
- Speed limit is 10 kph at all times while driving through the complex.
- No refrigerators or freezers are to be connected to service outlets.
- No type of heater is to be used in the units.
- No automotive work, sanding or spraying paint is permitted anywhere.
- No gasoline, propane tanks, explosives or any other hazardous or dangerous chemicals may be stored.
- Mini-Storage reserves the right to refuse to rent or to continue to rent to anyone who fails to comply with any of the rules and regulations.


For your convenience, we have a selection of boxes, wardrobe containers, picture and mirror containers as well as mattress covers, sofa and chair covers for sale. 

Please enquire at the office.

Whether it is boats, RVís, personal or office storage, this facility will serve all your special needs. For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week, with our office hours from 9 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday to Saturday.